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“The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you”

Ralph Emerson

Let An Amputee Make Your Next Prosthesis!   You Will Feel The Difference.

Excellence in Prosthetic and Orthotic Services Since 1994

Have you been living with a physical disability?   Are you looking for a way to maximize your mobility and independence?

Look no further than Carolina Amputee and Orthotic Center. Our team of certified professionals can provide you with the perfect prosthetic or orthotic device to improve your quality of life. From custom-made designs to advanced technology, we make sure you get the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Contact us today to get started on your journey to improved mobility!

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Mobile Services & Convenient Locations

Carolina Amputee and Orthotics offers 4 convenient locations around the unifour area and offers mobile care services.

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Inhouse Prosthetic and Orthotic Fabrication

All devices are designed and fabricated in house. This means quick turn around and on the spot adjustment to your prosthetic or orthotic.

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State of the Art Technology

Carolina Amputee and Orthotics offers their patients the latest innovations in prosthetic and orthotic care with laser scanning and 3-D printing.

What Sets Carolina Amputee Apart?

Carolina Amputee and Orthotics are Amputees Serving Amputees.

When new technology or fitting techniques are available, we try it before we fit it.”

At Carolina Amputee, we strive  to make our lives that much closer to where they were before we became amputees through new technology and techniques that become available.

Our goal is to make the patients’ lives that much closer to where it was before they lost their mobility.

“Carolina Amputee started in 1994 as a modest lab in my garage. We have now grown to 4 offices in the Unifour area, with the main corporate office located in Hickory, NC. Our main office houses our state-of-the-art patient care facility and onsite fabrication.”

An amputee himself, John understands… We try it ourselves before we fit it.


Our Story

John L. Rufty Jr., President and CEO of Carolina Amputee and Orthotic Center, began his journey of Prosthetics and Orthotics at Appalachian State University, where he received a Bachelors of Science in 1990. He then continued his education in the highly competitive Prosthetic and Orthotic program at Northwestern University in Chicago. After receiving his certificate to practice, he served as the Director of Prosthetics and Orthotics at Tom’s Rehab Hospital for approximately one year before starting Carolina Amputee and Orthotic Center. As John and his business Prosthetics Hickory NCgrew from the initial stages of fabricating in his garage, he moved to an office in Conover. Today Carolina Amputee and Orthotic Center serves patients in its main office in Hickory as well as offices in Statesville and Valdese.

An amputee himself, John understands the challenges and difficulties his patients go through and strives to improve not only his life through new technological advancements and components but more importantly his patients. John is also proud to have a very skilled team working for him as well. Kenneth Stevens, an employee for over 10 years and also an amputee, works as hard as possible to ensure Carolina Amputee and Orthotic Center’s patients are custom fitted with the best possible prosthetic specifically to their needs. Brent Taillon, a double amputee, designs and fits custom braces and orthotics. Brent is an avid golfer that participates in tournaments all around the southeast. The employee with the longest tenure is Scott Campbell. He has been with the company for over 15 years and has vast experience and knowledge in fitting custom braces ranging from scoliosis in teens to TLSO braces for compression fractures as well as AFOs for foot drop and patients suffering from a stroke.

What Our Patients Say....

“Back in February my mom had a below knee amputation. John and Mathew have been so helpful and kind to us. They are very knowledgeable and I enjoy talking with them both and learning from them. Thank you all so much for everything!!!!” — Ashley W.

“I have been going to Carolina Amputee for 3 years or longer always prompt and excellent service. Material and workmanship always top of the line. John and Kenneth available for any questions or concerns, I would recommend this business to anyone who needs this kind of service.” — John Kelly

“The staff was so patient and nice. Very personable and took their time with their patients.” — Michelle Segovia

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